Another Bullet for Race Four

Well folks I am playing catchup on the blog so race four we did course 6 again and did well on the down wind leg. Valcore was able to pull out a lead but not enough to correct over us. You can click here for the results.

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Another Bullet in a Close Race

For this race Rodney couldn’t make it so we had Ralph, Hammer (on his second time sailing) and Jeff (who was sailing for the first time in a year.  The winds were predicted to be gusty so with the lack of experience we chose to use the number 3 blade as it turned out the conditions were light and we were under canvassed. Course 6 was chosen and we had a reasonable start about where we wanted unfortunately Valcore was near and we were soon in her air with little opportunity to escape but with a lot of trimming work we worked our way to clean air above Valcore but Valcore kept carrying us to the Norfolk side till we fell behind her to fetch the mark.  All this had let the fleet get ahead of us and it looked as if Tomcat had slipped too far ahead to catch or correct over. In the mean time Valcore kept sailing down the river apparently lost track of the course. We continued to work hard on trim to mitigate the lack of power. The blade is an excellent sail and points very well and performed very well considering the light conditions and Hammer did a great job on continuing to trim almost constantly to get every ounce of power in the constantly changing light winds. We passed No Problem  before we got to the second mark and were closing on the other two after we rounded the last mark we pointed high to stay away from Hospital  point where the winds have a habit of dying. Tomecat and Anhinga sailed much closer and this looked to be working for them. We did stay in better winds but it looked as if Tomcat would stay far enough ahead to correct over us but as it turned out a last-minute puff gave us a 2.2 second lead for the bullet. It all goes to show don’t give up and work every bit of speed out for the whole race.  The inexperience crew sailed like pros and it was a great learning experience for all. Now our closest competitor is Tomcat as Valcore only manage a fifth.

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Hometown Regatta a Desaster but Series Race 1 a Bullet

We had a disaster in the Hometown Regatta but made up for it at the Fall Series race 1.  We had a good start in the Hometown but sailing with two and doing spin was just too much we also had a chart issue (my chart had “M” marked as R-10 not R-8 so we sailed a mile and a half longer course then the fleet. On the other hand we did great on the fall series. Race committee chose course 2 a short course as the winds at first were light to non existent. At first as the lite winds died compleatly the fleet bunch up at the first mark. All the other boat rounded the first mark and tacked we stayed on the same tack and slid along the bulkhead untill we had to tack but that put us closer to the mark and we were able to fetch the mark on starboard as we approached the mark Valcore made the mistake of approaching on port and had to fall off behind us which spoiled her whole race. We got well ahead of the fleet and sailed to the finish line first. Great sailing from our crew Rodney and a new member “Hammer”.  On the way back to the club we let our new member take the helm to which he did a great job.  Click here to see the results.


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3 in Race Three

We were third overall in race 3 but first of the “B” boats. It was a hot but very nice afternoon to go racing.  The breeze was light with stronger gusts and it did wander about a bit. Race Committee chose course 5 which wasn’t the best for the downwind use of the spinnaker but we did use it.  We were a long way from the start line when the horn went off but kept up with the other spin boats except Tantrum who started on the far side of the river which was the best side (not like they needed any help).  Using the chute was more trouble then mostly helped but fun to try. We would get behind but catch-up through much of the race but got behind rounding the mile marker 0 when we were headed and had to tack to fetch the mark.  With some other misadventures it was well we did as good as we did when Ralph wasn’t sailing all over the place the boat moved well in the breeze that slowly built as the race went on. Here is the race results.  We enjoyed an after race cruse  around the harbor to take advantage of this nice breeze.

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We Skipped Race Two

An inconvenient low tide timing and prior commitments conspired to make us pass on the race Friday, Sorry folks but here are the results anyway.


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First Summer Race

We started the summer series which is not a championship round but will be fun and great practice.  For the first race we had a great start were well ahead of all the boats even Tantrum at hospital point.  As our sails were wet when the winds lighten up it was hard to find the proper trim for the sails as the masthead windex is still broken and we were passed by the A fleet boat but we had a nice close reach to the mark and as the winds shifted a bit it was mostly a close reach back no real-time to pop the chute. The boat that got ahead stayed in good air but we and the rest of the B boat were stuck in the light air and could not correct over then. We were fourth overall but the first of the B boats.  Click here for the results and times.


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Double Handed Race

It’s been a while sence we were last and usually we made a mistake but this time we were last. I can’t say we did any thing wrong but I need to learn how to get the boat moving in a chop. The winds were predicted to be light but just before the race started the winds piped up to about 15k and so did the chop. the race started with an upwind leg that we just couldn’t get the boat moving. The next downwind leg we were keeping up and gaining a bit but we only had the blade up so we couldn’t take advantage of the boats lightness and downwind performance. We did hit seven knots at times. the next two legs were dead upwind we did better on these legs but not well enough. Only consolation was that Spray was next to last so we were in good company. Rodney and Ralph did the best they could. Here is the results and times.

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We are the Series Champs

The last race was canceled as in the morning there was thunder and it was predicted to last all day. Of course by 9:00 the storms had passed but you must call it on what you expect. So the series was ours even with only three races compleated I can feel good about the first race which we had done so well only to have time run out. Good work from all the crew Rodney, Albert, and Kimannee. Here is the series results.



looks a bit greedy


Albert and Kimannee


The Cake

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Bullet Number 2

Race committee picked course 7 for both A and B fleet which can cause a pile up at the start so we tried to get in a spot where there was not a bunch of big boats. We got a very good start and saw that the east side of the river there was the best breeze so we followed Tantrum. We did a good job of keeping up and we were able to use our spin poll effectively on the down wind leg. We were able to keep up with most of the A fleet but unfortunately for them most followed Tantrum’s lead and rounded the wrong mark. We followed our course with Valcore hot on our trail.  On the upwind leg Kimannee took the helm and Ralph played the main as we were a bit overpowered. We were able to do a good job of keeping on our feet on our way to the next mark.  Here’s where the fun started. We first tacked with the barber-hauler still attached. It promptly hooked the main stay and Ralph had to rush forward and release the carabiner from the stay.  The next mark was downwind and after rounding that mark Albert must have been a bit hot as he took a little dip. I told him dragging in the water would slow the boat but he was having a hard time getting back on. We got everything back in order and were able to still correct over Valcore.  Here is the results for the race.

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Another Race… Abandoned

This time I decided to race even though the winds were very strong. It would have been tough for us but we had the crew necessary and there was no storm in the offing so we got the boat ready and dropped her in the water. We preset a reef in the main and bent on the blade but all for naught as just before we left the race was abandoned. So far this season we have raced two races and abandoned three. Only two more races left in a very shortened season.

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