Race Three and Bullet Number Two

The race committee chose course 4 again. This race we were first over the line (there is a award for that) but were baulked a bit by an  “A” fleet boat. I tried to keep from sailing dead downwind which took me to the Norfolk side a little too close where the winds were light where Valcore the only other “B” boat out tonight stuck to the Portsmouth side where the winds were better and she slipped ahead.  Lucky for me the tide helped on my side so I didn’t get too far behind by the mark. As the tide was now against us we tried to stay on the Portsmouth side. We decided to carry this well up into Scots Creek where we actually were helped by a eddy or so it showed on the interments. We made up some time on Valcore but we were not sure we had enough in the bank but on the last tack before laying the finish line I carried it a bit longer than Valcore and this helped us as Valcore had to pinch hard to get across the line on that tack where we placed it just right of course if you pinch Sorellina she just stops. Valcore crossed the line first but we corrected over them. You can click here for the results.

About mrcodydog

I am a small furry littleguy that barks all the time... I love to travel and with to share my photos of my travels - woof woof
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