Third Race a Charm

First Race Photo courtesy of Nadine Yares

First Race Photo courtesy of Nadine Yares

Well the first two races were not worth writing about race one we sailed well but were latefor the start so only a fourth.  The second race well it went well till we needed the keel which was up say no more.  Race number three was great course 6 was chosen for both fleets. We had a great start but Chop Chop in the “A” fleet caught the wind and skirted well ahead of everyone.  We somehow didn’t get that wind but were doing well Valcore was close enough to cause a bit of wind disturbance and took a slight lead but we went above her and skirted right by.  We lead the “B” fleet at the first mark and stayed ahead for the next leg although we were followed closely by Valcore.  We rounded first and sailed to hospital point. We tacked earlier then most of the rest of the boats most of the rest of the fleet were hoping to fetch the point but I though that was unwise.  Valcore did manage to be in front when we crossed but as she was on starboard that worked out ok for us as we did not need to duck and when Valcore tacked we took over the lead.  Tom Cat tried to slip by the point and did not make it and ran aground.  The rest of the fleet caught up somewhat but they stayed to far to leeward and had to struggle to fetch the finish line.  We were the first boat in “B” to cross a nice comeback  We were ahead on corrected time on all but Chop Chop with the magic wind she was in at the start.  Rodney and the “Hammer” did a great job as crew.  Click here for the results.


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