Another Bullet in a Close Race

For this race Rodney couldn’t make it so we had Ralph, Hammer (on his second time sailing) and Jeff (who was sailing for the first time in a year.  The winds were predicted to be gusty so with the lack of experience we chose to use the number 3 blade as it turned out the conditions were light and we were under canvassed. Course 6 was chosen and we had a reasonable start about where we wanted unfortunately Valcore was near and we were soon in her air with little opportunity to escape but with a lot of trimming work we worked our way to clean air above Valcore but Valcore kept carrying us to the Norfolk side till we fell behind her to fetch the mark.  All this had let the fleet get ahead of us and it looked as if Tomcat had slipped too far ahead to catch or correct over. In the mean time Valcore kept sailing down the river apparently lost track of the course. We continued to work hard on trim to mitigate the lack of power. The blade is an excellent sail and points very well and performed very well considering the light conditions and Hammer did a great job on continuing to trim almost constantly to get every ounce of power in the constantly changing light winds. We passed No Problem  before we got to the second mark and were closing on the other two after we rounded the last mark we pointed high to stay away from Hospital  point where the winds have a habit of dying. Tomecat and Anhinga sailed much closer and this looked to be working for them. We did stay in better winds but it looked as if Tomcat would stay far enough ahead to correct over us but as it turned out a last-minute puff gave us a 2.2 second lead for the bullet. It all goes to show don’t give up and work every bit of speed out for the whole race.  The inexperience crew sailed like pros and it was a great learning experience for all. Now our closest competitor is Tomcat as Valcore only manage a fifth.

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