Double Handed Race

It’s been a while sence we were last and usually we made a mistake but this time we were last. I can’t say we did any thing wrong but I need to learn how to get the boat moving in a chop. The winds were predicted to be light but just before the race started the winds piped up to about 15k and so did the chop. the race started with an upwind leg that we just couldn’t get the boat moving. The next downwind leg we were keeping up and gaining a bit but we only had the blade up so we couldn’t take advantage of the boats lightness and downwind performance. We did hit seven knots at times. the next two legs were dead upwind we did better on these legs but not well enough. Only consolation was that Spray was next to last so we were in good company. Rodney and Ralph did the best they could. Here is the results and times.

About mrcodydog

I am a small furry littleguy that barks all the time... I love to travel and with to share my photos of my travels - woof woof
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