Last Week Was Abandon But This Week a Bullet


Sorellina race 4

Photo by Shelly Webster

Last week the winds were gusting to over 30k so I had decided to lay out but the race committee must have seen the light and Decided to abandon the race. We left Sunday for the CCV Spring Series but again the winds and chop caused the eight mile trip to take too long and we turn around when it was obvious that we were not going to make it in time for the start. But this Friday we were on task and pulled out a bullet.  Race committee chose Course 5 which I though was great for us.  We started by the RC side to stay in the pressure of the ENE winds but so did every one else and we were trapped.  After much maneuvering we finally broke free only to see that Valcore had taken advantage of the east side to stay in the clear and had a substantial leed but she ran into the fluky winds on the Norfolk side and we caught up very quickly and passed her by the mark.  Many boats in “B” fleet stayed bunched up in the downwind leg to the next mark so a the mark Valcore was the inside boat close to the mark Sorellina was outside of her and TomCat just outside of us. As Valcore pivoted to round the mark the wider turn allowed us to cut inside and round in first.  Valcore realised and tried to close the gap but pointed to much and went into irons the bow was falling on to our side so we had to push her off.  Sorellina slipped out of this mess with a good leed we sailed to mid river and tacked to the next mark.  This kept us in the leed as we rounded the mark and we continued to lead around the next mark the last mark was a bit of a botched effort as we did not comandante which tack we would be on after the mark rounding but cost only a little time.  Valcore caught up on this leg with her long water line length but we still had a chance at line honors as she sailed over into the cove by hospital point and had we gotten a lift we would have cleared the point by the race committee but we had to tack and finished just behind Valcore which ment we corrected about 2 min. ahead of her. Great win thanks to the crew Rodney, Kimannee, and our new guy Albert. Click for race results.


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