After Disaster we get a Bullet

Well the Gods of yachting must know how to keep up one’s hopes after last weeks weak showing we returned with a vengeance taking first place. We had a good start in a very good position and soon were leading most of the boat in our fleet. The winds switch back and forth from dead down to a reach but we were quick to take advantage of all the shifts so that at the first mark only Wiki Wiki and No Problem (a new boat racing this boat abandon the race later as it had no lights) were a little ahead. We tried to stay out of the strongest current from the out going tide by keeping to the west shore this mostly put us on a port tack up the river.  We got ahead of Wiki and on the first tack we were able to force Wiki to tack as we crossed on starboard. The next crossing we were not so lucky and tack too late and ended up in Wiki’s bad air but we lost only a little time we tacked to clear and in the long run that actually helped us as we cleared the dreaded barge anchored in the course. We were a little behind at the next mark but close enough to most likely to correct over her at that time. After a short down wind to the Hague mark. it was a close hauled to the finnish.  We had to tack once but did a little better at avoiding needing to pinch at the end. Rodney and Kimannee (our newest crew) did an exemplary job of crew work thanks more than I can say. Oh I almost forgot a big thanks to Dave Washbourn skipper of Valcore towed us to the start as our engine (yes the almost new one) was acting up only for us to beat them in the race. Click to see race results.


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I am a small furry littleguy that barks all the time... I love to travel and with to share my photos of my travels - woof woof
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