The Double Handed Race

Rodney and I took part in the Hampton Yacht Club Double Handed Race this Sunday a week after the place was hit by a tornado. Some damage was visible but the race started as planed. We motored over to the club which is about 13 miles only light winds and getting hot. We arrived with about 1 1/2 hours before the skippers meeting. After getting the course and the fleet info we all traveled out to marker A for a start at about 13:00 hrs.  We raced in the fleet boats rating 150 or more so we were hoping for light winds but they were too light. the first mark was just on the way to the next so no real rounding but when we rounded the next mark the wind had died so we started to travel up river. Independence with her very tall mast must have caught a slight breeze up high as she was slowly making her way back we sailed well south of the layline to catch the slight breeze we found there unfortunately there was more current there too but we were keeping up with the J-22 Not So Blue and the J-24 Roundabout and they are well sailed J boats at that. At one point we tried to get back to the boats on the layline but it looked as if the J-22 was still moving and at least we could beat her so we returned to our course and even though we were way off the layline we were moving. We jib to follow the J boat and to get back to the what was now the finish line and at the time we were in a good position but the wind finely filled in and over the whole course and we being farther away were now passed by many boats. we did beat the J-22 and the J-24 also a Merit 25 that stayed with the fleet and had we not tried to get back to the fleet earlier we would have most likely bast another J-24 Chop Chop Rodney Pace’s boat but all in all not to shabby. I had our camera with us but did not bring the remote so I did not take any photos. Click for race results.


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I am a small furry littleguy that barks all the time... I love to travel and with to share my photos of my travels - woof woof
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