A Third for the Last Race but Second in the Series


The Three Stooges

We managed to get third in the last race even though we took the conservative route and sailed with reefed main and are so-called number 3 jib. The winds were very puffy and as we could just throw this race result out and end up second in the series we reefed the main and used our J-22 jib far from a perfect combination as the main reefed we have little to punch through the waves. But we pointed well and had a great start. In the lulls we were very under powered but the guest were very strong and the combo of sails was ok till we passed the coal piers we would have needed to work the boat hard if we had the full main but with the reef the swells were pounding us down maybe if we had the full main up it would have been too much but a decent blade would have been nice. We rounded the mark and on the return shook the reef but did not replace the jib so Plumb passed us to get well ahead at the end Plumb won so not to bad for us Wiki was second and we were third.  After the race we enjoyed a great party and Rodney got Patty to come by and every one wished me a Happy birthday and we received a trophy for our second in the series. we were able to throw out the forth to boot. The party had a great band and a great time was had by all. Thanks to Rodney and Jeff every one contributed to our well-earned second. Click here for Spring 2012 Barnacle results.


Ralph  takes the trophy

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