Ouch We follow our win with a fourth

Well I guess the win went to our heads. We started ok but got too close to the Norfolk side and I should have tacked as soon as I was headed but waited untill I was going to fetch the mark on the next tack but after the tack the winds farther out were major header so I had to tack again which got me in the parade of large boats and had a slow time to the next mark. By that time Wiki Wiki was well ahead so no chance at first place. At that mark I got inside but there was a cluster you know what and boats were playing bumper cars we could not open up on Plumb Crazy so we just imagined that it looks like a third but at the last mark we kept with Plumb but I looked over and Valcor was moving close to the Norfolk side out of the current and past us all and that was humbling as Valcor in not a light air boat. So we had the worst showing in 2 years with a fourth. Part of my decision was to cover Plum as if I finish one back in this race I will come in second in the series and the other is that I didn’t realise that the current was as strong as it was and I though that we would need to travel to far to cross the line as you would need to stay close to the shore all the way to the light pole. Well there are throw outs and I hope this will be ours. The crew work very hard for this and it was all my fault so thanks to them.


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I am a small furry littleguy that barks all the time... I love to travel and with to share my photos of my travels - woof woof
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