Our First Win of the Season!

Well It took a long time but finally we had a win and it was a great win at that. The winds Friday were very light and just at the first start there was a delay. Race committee change the course from course 3 to course 2 for B fleet. We had been in a good position for the start as there was a bit of wind on the Portsmouth side but during the restart we got to close to the Norfolk side and were sucked up the river and had to try to get to the wind on the other side. Mean while Tantrum and Wiki Wiki had made it to the light wind and were at least were moving. It took about 10 to 15 minutes just to get back to the start by then Wiki had gotten to the Norfolk side near the park but most of the other boats were parked across from Waterside. I noticed that Tantrum was moving father out in the incoming tide  while Wiki hugged the Norfolk side to get out of the current but moving slowly I followed Tantrum and that was a great move we were finally able to pin Wiki to the shore and got well ahead. After the first mark Tantrum crossed the river where she stopped. I continued to follow the little breeze just off the Norfolk side and crossed when I could fetch the next mark. After that we were on a down wind leg with very little wind Wiki started catching up and now Plumb Crazy (the fastest slow boat) was in the race too. Tantrum on a different course started to pass all of us (just barely) but soon I saw that she was getting more of a reach so I started to rearrange our settings to catch this change and sure enough it came. We were only a few seconds behind Tantrum in A fleet and actually ahead of Wiki.  Rodney and Jeff worked hard under tedious conditions Well done guys. This was one of the best race performance we have done. Click for race results.


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