Willoughby Memoral Regatta almost a Memoral for Sorellina

What a Fiasco we decided to do the Willoughby Memorial Regatta and it almost was the end of Sorellina. I had to be at the skippers meeting my 10:00 hrs. and we decided to let Rodney sail her around while I attended the meeting so about 10:30 Rodney came sailing into the Marina on the point and while shooting in to one of the many open slips he came to a sudden stop much like he ran aground no big deal. He spun her around and finely got her tired up at the dock. There appeared to be no problem. so we got ready and started for the start line we were to be the first boat at the line on a persut race. Rodney noticed that there was a lot of water in the boat and there was and it was getting worse we abandoned the race and tried to head for shallow water we sailed over to Cathy Barbers pier and beach and then it got worse the engine got hung up in a crab pot keeping us from getting to shallow water. After much excitable action and colorful language we got free and got tried up at the shallow end of the pier. When we stopped so did the ingress of water. What happened the removable plug that allows the rudder to be removed split after hitting something under water at the temporary slip (apparently the marina is full of booby traps) and cracked the fitting that holds it so as the boat moves forward water entered. We put all manor of crap in the hole to prevent more water from entering pumped out the water in the boat and decide to head for home which we did safely and more import dry. Now for the repair$$$$$. All and all a crappy day.

Crack hidden by the white goop (5200)

Crack not hidden


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