Bullet Number 3

So far we have a perfect record all ones. The USS Cole was at Nautcus so when we went out we asked the Police boat how far to stay away and he informed us that mile marker zero was about as close as you should come. We informed race committee and suggested that may be we should stay away from the Hauge mark. But with light winds course 5 and 6 were chosen we were on 5 (twice around the Hauge mark) so we started neer the Portsmouth side where we would pass the Cole at a distance and there was better wind anyway. After the start we had the jump on all the B boats other than Tom Cat who sailed right by the Cole without a word from the ship. The others got moving but as they approached the Cole they were not so lucky. We could hear the Cole’s PA announce a rather unfriendly announcement that they would take action to defend them self  if the course of the boat was not altered. This did not help their position in the fleet and we then concentrated on catching Tom Cat. They stayed ahead to the next mark and headed to MM zero we opted to tack away from Hospital Point and that turned out to be the best option as we did not get stuck in the dead air and rounded the next mark in the lead. After that we just kept sailing the boat the best we could for our third win. Great sailing from Rodney as usual.  Click here for race results.

So you think we won’t shoot! take that Valcour

Race 4 Click to open

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