Little Sister takes a licking but keeps on ticking Bullets that is..

What an exciting race series this is. Race comedy (and I mean Comedy) decided to have a race with two fleets rounding a mark to port (normal) and our fleet rounding the same mark to starboard (abnormal) well the desired effect happened if by that lots of excitement. We had a very good start in the race pulling ahead of all the boat in our fleet by the first mark. we still were in the actual leed by the second mark but a miss que cause Valcour and Traumerei to get a bit ahead by the third we recovered our leed by the backward mark and as a crew on Valcour stated “this is going to be ugly” Finns a J-24 was to round the mark to port and the rest of us to starboard. Finns rounded first and did not interfere with me so i was the inside boat (got rights) at the mark and did as quick a rounding as possible. Valcor and Traumerei were in some strange dance with Finns and the next thing I know the dance was a slam dance and bang Valcour’s bow banged into my rear stanchion. I personally think Valcour was looking to modify Sorellina to slow her down but we still pulled off the win. As there was much finger pointing and the conditions were a super cluster f*&^ we dropped our protest (Ok Dave I”m looking for my that step increase). Rodney was there and did a great job as usual but Tera had to earn a living. Next week we may need to issue hard hats instead of racing gloves. Click for race results.


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I am a small furry littleguy that barks all the time... I love to travel and with to share my photos of my travels - woof woof
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