The keel guides are in

Well the very expensive Keel guide arrived from Germany and last weekend was spent installing them (and I mean all weekend) there installation proved to be more then a handful and very UN-German not to have some special method and tool to do this job. After consulting with Euan Beattie very helpful a former Dehler owner I used a slightly different  but most probably no easier method. I found a special nut from Mcmaster Carr that allowed you to bolt down the


 nut on the inside. It worked but as the inside of the opening was rather uneven getting the bolts to line up proved to be a real chore but it was successfully accomplished and hopefully the new fittings will not end up with the original fittings on the sea floor. Wile I am writing about maintenance I have also installed a Boomkicker to hold up the boom so it will not drop to the deck every time I lower the main. These unit work much like a solid vang. I have also modified the vang itself  and now have 12 to 1 power that can be manage from either side I will show some photos soon. There are some other mods I will show in that photo essay soon as the weather will cooperate.

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I am a small furry littleguy that barks all the time... I love to travel and with to share my photos of my travels - woof woof
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